We continue to keep Sharron Dinnie and all members of the Kwasa community in our prayers.

Update - January 2021


Though schools in South Africa remain closed until the middle of February, and as yet there is no sign of a vaccination programme, the staff and children of Kwasa College have worked hard to adapt to the new conditions and continue - as ever - to look forward in hope. 

A lasting legacy


Twenty-one people from Holy Trinity and St Mary's travelled to South Africa in August 2018 to experience the life of Kwasa College.


The effect of previous visits to Kwasa, on both adults and youth, is still very evident and profound.  We are all called to grow in a life of service, prayer and faith and we want to be a parish community that welcomes, grows and challenges young people and adults to explore their skills and discover how best they can serve, and be a gift to the future. Whether in Junior Church or the choirs, the young learn stories of our faith, and learn to worship. Our visits to Kwasa have been opportunities for the whole parish, whether travelling or not, to participate in this visionary project.

Kwasa College's Student Sponsorship Scheme

This scheme is operated in the UK by the West Green Charitable Trust.

The scheme enables individuals or companies to pay the school fees of a student whose parents, carers or child-headed family cannot afford to pay. Sponsorship money is not attached to a named child, but is used at the discretion of Sharron Dinnie and the Kwasa Board to support those most in need.

The scheme operates on a monthly giving of £25, which with Gift Aid covers the R6,600 fees for one student. Our recent campaign means there are now 90 bursaries in place, for which the College is hugely grateful. Please help us extend the scheme yet further and enable even more parents and carers to send their children to school. 

Details of how to join the scheme are given here and West Green's latest newsletter is available here.

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